MatchBox @ Mountbatten Road


additions & alterations

completed 2018

Mountbatten Road, Singapore


The 22,593sqm site is a SLA-Land property tendered for short-term use as various commercial activities including offices, galleries, commercial schools and child-care facilities. Run by a ‘master-tenant’, a total of 5 blocks of pre-existing 60’s class-room buildings of 1 to 3-storeys are repurposed and updated to accommodate the diverse range of activities. Shared amenities including toilets, covered carparks, sheltered linkways, playgrounds, event plaza and general landscaping are introduced. There is quiet charm and an almost laissez-faire-like atmosphere formed by the time-frozen buildings and casual sprawling estate. Though temporal, this is a rare quality in the ever-modernizing landscape of Singapore and is consciously adopted as the key design consideration when updating the development. The result is charming oasis of built urbanism set within rustic landscape.

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